2nd Conference on Modern Technologies in Functional Polymeric Packaging

Today, challenges such as population growth and increasing global hunger, environmental degradation and natural resources, drought and water shortage, unavailability of adequate new sources of food, transportation and distribution problems, has led to Food security has become one of the most important human communities and food security in society, to achieve one of the main conditions of national security and become a pillar of economic development.

Now the need for the development of food exports for the exchange of technology, job creation and sustainable economic development of the country and also require producers to meet international standards in food packaging and pharmaceutical and the need to use special packaging for export of these products, use of new technologies packaged in competition with producers in other countries is inevitable.

The conference intends to play a key role with respect to the polymer as a component packaging technologies Meanwhile, the introduction of new technologies in developing countries and provide total solutions for packaging required in advance of these technologies in the industry Annual gatherings attended by experts and managers of country organizations and related industries to discuss about the latest developments and the introduction of the newest technologies in the world’s plastic packaging.

Conference objectives

  • Introduction to polymeric materials developed for use in the packaging industry
  • Meet new technologies in the production of plastic packaging
  • Introducing the Food and Drug polymeric materials needed for the packaging industry
  • Introduce international standards in the food and pharmaceutical industry and its role in Iran
  • The role of packaging technologies to achieve food security, public health and  conomic development
  • To provide the domestic industry needs to attract about packaging polymer


  • Manufacturers of protein products such as red meat, chicken, fish, shrimp and so on.
  • Manufacturers of dairy products.
  • Manufacturers of drinks.
  • Manufacturers of herbal oils.
  • Manufacturers of ready meals such as salad, pasta, baby food, sauce, tomato paste.
  • Manufacturers of bread, half- baked bread and so on.
  • Manufacturers of petrochemicals and industrial products like detergents.
  • Manufacturers of hygienic and cosmetics products.
  • Manufacturers and exporters of crops, vegetables, dried fruits, date, tea, coffee, fodder and so on.

Key Speakers

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Olympic Hotel – Tehran

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