Iran Poly Pack conference will cover these topics:

  • Material selection and formulation design of polymer compounds for packaging industries.
  • Potentials of producing base polymers for packaging applications.
  • Machinery and production processes in polymeric packaging and converting industries.
  • Packaging economy
  • Quality control methods and related international standards.
  • Novel methods for meat, chicken and fish packaging.
  • Novel methods of medical, hygienic and cosmetic packaging.
  • The packaging of food products with long shelf life.
  • Smart and self-monitoring packaging.
  • The modified atmosphere in food packaging.
  • Packaging properties for resistance against physical and environmental pollutions.
  • Equilibrium atmosphere in fruit and vegetable packaging.
  • Barrier materials and tie layers
  • Sealant materials and metallocene PE.
  • Extrusion and Extrusion Coating new technology
  • New developments in Lamination and Converting

Key Speakers

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Olympic Hotel – Tehran

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