Why do we hold this conference instead of an expo?


  • Large annual expos are no longer enough for the marketing goals as detailed below:
  • Increase in unprofessional visitor count
  • Huge load of advertisement during the expos which reduces the reach and effect of the expo on visitors
  • Very high participation cost for companies
  • Increasing number of commercial expos has made the commercial expos in Tehran less effective

This conference on the other hand:


  • Invitation based participation.
  • Well programmed and well managed Business content and message delivery in 1-2 days.
  • Professional contacts can be made in a luxury environment.
  • Less participation cost for companies compared to expos.
  • Intimate atmosphere as participating companies are lower compared to an expo. (Max 14 compared to Min 100)And many other factors has increased the efficiency of a commercial conference compared to an expo.

Key Speakers

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Olympic Hotel – Tehran

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